Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to analyze questionnaire using SPSS?

I've designed a questionnaire based on Likert five-point scale, I dont know how to analyze this with spss! Could you give me a hand?

How to analyze questionnaire using SPSS?
What do you want to find out from your survey? If you have already distributed your questionnaire and you respondents have returned their completed questionnaires then you need to enter your data in SPSS. Once completed you will be able to analyze your data, e.g to get descriptive statistics like frequency, means, std. deviations etc; you can also find relationships between variables; differences between groups of respondents etc. If you provide specific questions, I may be able to help..

Good luck!!
Reply:Can you kind of clarify the question? I have experience with SPSS. I can help if you clarify the question

Do you have all of your data in a Excel file? That is the first step.

You can email me when you get this and I can help you.


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