Monday, May 4, 2009

What to wear to pre-employment questionnaires/exams?

I've applied to a few records positions for local law enforcement agencies. I've passed the initial application, but have been asked to go to testing locations for a personal history questionnaire and video testing (answer questions via score sheet based on situations presented in a video). The testing runs (as noted) anywhere from an hour and a half to two. What I want to know is, what do I wear to the testing? I would prefer not to wear a full business suit (I only have one, and would like to save it for the actual interview). Any (serious) advice would be helpful! Thanks.

What to wear to pre-employment questionnaires/exams?
Full business or at minimum business casual.

This is a job for a career you are interviewing for, not working fast food.

They will be judging you on your appearance just as much as your other abilities.

Walk in in jeans and a tee shirt and forget it.

You should as a man wear dress pants and long sleeve shirt and tie. Jacket could be optional.

As a female one should wear business suit or professional skirt and blouse set or a pant suit.

Its always better to be over dressed then under dressed.
Reply:You only have a few chances to impress, use them.
Reply:Dress professionally, but comfortably.

Slacks or a skirt, dress shoes, and a nice shirt/blouse. Save the suit for the interview.
Reply:A nice conservative blouse and slacks would be just fine for the testing.

Avoid jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes, tight things and cleavage.
Reply:Dress in formal wear. You have to look your best. Speacially during the interview. Remember to give them a good first impression.

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